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About Us

Our Mission

Lakeshore Pharmacy opened in July 2018 and is locally owned and operated by excellent pharmacists.  Lakeshore Pharmacy is a state-of-the art personalized compounding and retail pharmacy for medicines prescribed by your doctor. We have a wide range of compounding specialties.  As healthcare providers, we take care of our community. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. 

Our team of highly qualified licensed pharmacists are available to consult with customers about matters such as drug-herb interactions, drug-nutrient depletion and any other questions related to a particular medication. We have comprehensive knowledge regarding drug therapy, drug interactions, and medication-related complications. We offer one-on-one medication consultations and can provide professional disease state management. Come and discover the difference a personalized approach makes!   

Our Staff


Our Pharmacist -In-Charge is Preni Nair:

She is very compassionate and progress-driven Pharmacist with more than 10 years of experience in delivering top quality patient care. During these years, she has demonstrated  commitment to safety, efficiency, and accuracy for her patients and always tried her best to  communicate effectively with patients, family members, providers, physicians, nurses and other medical staff. 

She has been recognized many times for her exceptional work ethics, customer loyalty and ability to inspire excellence in others. Consult our Pharmacist, in person or call us at 862-701-5808

If you are looking for a local, helpful pharmacy service Parsippany and nearby towns, Lakeshore Pharmacy is your source for all of your medical and prescription needs. 

Let us fill your next prescription!